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Everything Valuable and Desireable is Difficult
September 20, 2011, 8:01 pm
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Says Amy Chua, Tiger Mom.  An interesting idea, I thought as I read her book in which she discusses Indonesian Gamelan music in contrast to classical Dvorak.  “Gamelan music is mesmerizing because it is less structured and repetitive,” Chua says of why she couldn’t appreciate it after visiting Indonesia preferring Dvorak because his compositions “reflect complexity, ambition, and harmonic exploration.”

It got me thinking about my midwestern upbringing and the idea of hard work being necessary and the image of each of my mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother sighing throughout their day.  Work, work, work.  Life is tough.  We have to work at our relationships.  We have to burn the midnight oil.

Yet, I think of easy Sunday afternoons and a simply delicious BLT sandwich.  And of easy silences.  And the buoyancy of my body as it floats in the waves of a cool lake.

I think I thought that once, that “everything desirable is difficult.”  Maybe that explains why, though I have a special place for Dvorak ever since I visited Prague, if I’m honest, I can really only take him in small doses.


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