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KISS: Keeping it Simple, really Simple…
September 12, 2011, 9:58 pm
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Been thinking a lot about my last post about simpler getting tougher.  I was thinking about if we can buy simplicity.  I was thinking about how when things have been “simplified”, other things bleed in and muck things up again.  I was thinking about what things I’ve purchased that truly make my life simpler and what things haven’t.  I was thinking of the business of simplicity.

I’ve decided to list a few things that I have that truly make things simpler for me, save me time, money, or keep me focused:

  • My Iphone.  I’ve found it to be worth every penny.  It helps me utilize my time efficiently, respond in real-time and eliminated the need for other products such as a GPS, paper planner, Ipod, camera, flip video.  My kids play chess, games, etc on it during long waits in waiting rooms ( I still keep portable board games and ask them to bring books along on long trips).  Note:  I fight the urge to check Facebook and LinkedIn every ten minutes.  And, to my kids horror, I have never played a SINGLE game on it.  I try to use it for efficiency, not as a time sucker.
  • Apple slicer.  I can core and slice an apple in seconds.  Snack?  a dollop of peanut butter and voila!
  • My cappuccino maker.  A Mother’s Day gift.  A basic, inexpensive brand saves me from driving through and spending $4 per cup.  By the way, it keeps me at home instead of creating the drive to “go out”, therefore making me more productive with work and home.
  •  Tweezers.  If I can stretch that trip to the waxer….you’d better believe it!  Let’s not even talk about the chin hair thing…
  • Keratin treatment.  NO!  I did not spend $495 on it!  I waited for a Groupon and got it for $95.  It has lasted close to 5 months and saved me hours of blow drying and straightening.  I also have skipped a haircut because me hair is much more manageable.  Please don’t email about the health implications!  I know!  I know!  Call Dr Drew on me!
  • Crock pot.  Love crockpot365!  Healthy, gluten-free recipes that I make at least once or twice a week.  She uses inexpensive ingredients and I double the recipes to freeze for later.  I use her blog but also decided to just buy the darn cook book for 60% off at our local Borders that is going out of business.  It is already way spattered and dog-eared.  Love it!
  • Baby carrots for kids lunches as well as individual packs of ranch dip.  If it keeps them eating their veggies….
  • Nice yoga pants.  Not the super expensive kind, but good quality, usually purchased on sale.  I’ve had the same pair for 4 years, no pilling, fading, and stretching in any of the wrong places.
  • Tretinoin.  I buckled.  I visited a dermatologist and got me some Retin A for “blemishes” aka: wrinkles!  It is expensive (about $50 a tube) but lasts for 2-3 months if used sparingly AND I don’t buy any other skin care products other than a drug store cleanser and moisturizer.
  • Battery operated doggy nail file.  Our old hound does not go to the groomers and I HATE to cut other’s nails (even my babies, that was my husband’s job).  I have a phobia about cutting and making their nails bleed.  So, this little gadget, though it does take more time than clipping, saves us from the groomers and makes everyone much more happy!
  • Food chopper.  Nuts, onions, celery.  Kids love to operate it.  Makes Christmas cookies a breeze.
  • Wireless printer.  Just press a button….

What are some products or services that make your life truly more simple?


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