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Everything’s So Green…
July 15, 2011, 12:42 am
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Writing gets me buzzed.  Time warps.  My neurons fire.  My aura hummmmzzzzzzz.  It’s a high that lasts for an hour or more after I’ve closed my laptop or set down my pen.  Call it “flow.”  Call it immersion or focus.  Call it a passion, but I know, it gets me high.

What gets you high?  Imagine if you treated your passion like an addiction.  What if your little monster sat on your shoulder and gnawed at you, never letting you forget that you will soon need a fix.  What if your passion was top of mind, in your hair, and glazing your gaze?

Tell me, if you allowed yourself to get “high”…on writing or painting or running or sculpting…how would it change your life?  It’s the only addiction that will not shatter your life, rather, fill it up.

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I have to comment on this because last night I spent 30 minutes playing the piano — the old songs I used to play in my lessons in high school — and it definitely got me high. 🙂 I hadn’t pulled out this one Beethoven piece in at least 20 years, but my fingers STILL REMEMBERED. Not as agile, but they knew where to go. I have said many times if I could make a living from making music all day long, I would love to do it. Sigh.

Love your post.

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