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Lil’ Me Tea
July 8, 2011, 9:26 pm
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Chores done.  Video game time elapsed.  Teeth brushed.  Pool time, later.  Errands can wait.  Now, everyone grab your books and find a quiet place to read, please.  A typical summer day at my house.  I’m blessed with three little readers and so, I never complain about the genre or title of choice.  I feel grateful that I usually don’t get the eye roll or the whining when it comes to reading.  But, yesterday, as I settled in with my lap top to hack away at a few pressing deadlines (Mommy’s “reading time” is in the dewy morning hours, out on the deck, after my hubby departs from work and before the kiddies stir.) my attention was drawn to the lack of what?  What was distracting me?  The lack of silence.  Rustling.  Slamming.  Clinking in the kitchen.  Instead of shouting from my perch, I rose and walked in to see what was going on with these perfect, studious, curious children I had intended to raise.  I found two of them climbing on the counter tops, digging in the pantry.

“Oh, hey, Mom.”


“We’re just making tea,” the little one said.

“Tea?” I asked as he emptied the sugar bowl into his cup.

“Yeah,” said the middle one.  “It relaxes me and I like it when I’m reading.”

“Like you, Mommy,” said the little one.

I smiled.  I warmed all over as if I had just taken a sip from my own, delicate cup.  I watched them as they set the sopping tea bag right on my counter.  I observed as hundreds of granules of raw sugar scattered all over the kitchen floor.  Tears swelled in my eyes as they faced each other and took their first, tiny sip.  “Ahhh,” said my little one.  And off they went to quiet time.  Off they went content to be quiet.  Content with the written page.  In their own little heaven with their own little cup of tea.  Just like little me;)


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