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Loose Your Noodle…Funny how the Universe Works.
April 21, 2011, 9:21 pm
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I haven’t cooked in weeks…and now I can’t wait to get started again.

Everytime my family sits down for dinner together, which I am thankful is most every night, one or two of my three boys breaks into convulsions: face contortions, gutteral noises, stiff-armed propulsion away from the table. They don’t like what I’ve made.

I’m a good cook, I’ve been told.  I take great pride in providing balanced, healthy, yummy meals for my family; always keeping their “tastes” in mind, though I do push the culinary envelope at times.  But, I don’t enjoy cooking every single night.  It takes Heculean efforts to keep up with the dirty/clean/dirty/most always dirty dish kitchen rotation.  Every play the game Wack-a-Mole?  That’s me with a dishrag.  And fitting these meals into a day where I am actually trying to build my own writing business and nurture my own self is not always the highlight.  So when apoplectic shock sets in over spaghetti with meat sauce because the sauce is too “bumpy”, I’m liable to loose my f**ing noodle on y’all!

So, instead of dumping linguini on the heads of my three gorgeous boys, I quit cooking.

Huh?  What’s for dinner?  Dunno, yet.  What’s this on my plate?  Hmm.  The box says “curried peas and jasmine rice” but, I’m no so certain.  This stuff is gross!  Why, yes, I suppose it is.  And I merrily scoop up the paper plates, heavy with those little, black, rectangular boxes still filled with “food” and I dump them in the trash, given reasonable time for consumption, of course.  Clean up, finished…now where’s my book?

Guilty?  Not a bit.  I was feeling drained, unappreciated, taken advantage of and I had no one to blame but myself.  No one asked me to prepare Ortega Taco’s with grass-fed buffalo meat.  No one asked me to find a new, fresh way to use kale in a main dish.  And young boys, although in need constant lessons in manners, are not capable of always predicting the depths of their mother’s emotions.

I have learned that if I am feeling resentful or taken advantage of, it is because I have neglected to put down healthy boundaries on myself and/or others and it is usually because I am trying to be all things to all people.

So I took a break.  I didn’t feed my family Fast Food Nation style.  I didn’t throw in the dish towel, say “Pour yourself a bowl of cereal”, and head out the back door for a loooonnnngggg walk through the desert.  I simply nuked some “health/organic” freezer items and substituted paper plates for awhile (weeks, actually).  And nobody died.  And nobody gained 50#s in a month.  And my kids didn’t complain any more or any less. They still loved me and I still loved them.

Now I’m ready to cook again.  Not because the newest issue of Gourmet Magazine was just delivered to my doorstep (because it wasn’t) and not because the bees are buzzing and I can’t wait to get my hands on some wonderfully fresh, local produce. 

It’s because my oldest was just diagnosed with Celiac Disease, and all indications are that each member of our family has some form of it…intolerant of wheat, barely, rye, and all of their dirivitives.  If you don’t know anyone with Celiac Disease or gluten intolerence, think about it and start listing all of the foods this diet restricts….loads!  Funny how the universe works, when you listen to it.  It was like something was telling me, “Take a rest; you’re gonna need your energy.”  And I did and, I will. 

I’m so glad I took the break because, now, I’m ready to dive into this new lifestyle with vigor!  I’m glad that I can go at this with an intention of abundance and creativity, not one of depletion and gloom.  I’m not sure if I could’ve done that if I didn’t take my little break.

Oh, and I’m also sooo glad that this new lifestyle utterly and completely cuts out SPAGHETTI!


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Glad you have a diagnosis, and can now move ahead. Lots of good gluten-free bloggers out there, too, starting with Her daughter has celiac!

Comment by el-e-e

Thanks for the great resource! Looking forward to the changes ahead.

Comment by inkwellness

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