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To Market, To Market to Buy a Fat Pig
October 26, 2010, 4:18 pm
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One stop shopping is a thing of my past.  In my effort to be more conscious of the food my family and I eats, I have found my grocery habits taking on a new rhythm.

I drive across the river to Whole Foods for grass fed, no antibiotic meats.  Plan a morning to haul to Aldi for discount snacks and cereals.  My produce is delivered to my friend’s door through our CSA.  And I’ll zip once or twice a week to Publix to round out my meals.

Got to thinking, isn’t this (kinda) how people used to shop?  The butcher for your meat, the bakery for your bread, the produce stand, and the general store for the odds and ends.  Only now, it’s incorportated.  The “markets” are owned by giants such as Whole Foods, etc, who take a specific bent on consumer habits and pair convenience and the market research they perform to bring the highest quality items to you at a hefty price.

To boot, you have to drive over a map of several miles, stoplights, and Starbucks drive-throughs to make your purchases thus wasting gas, time, and your nerves.

To market, to market, as the nursery rhyme goes but America’s market looks nothing like the European markets of today or the American markets of yesteryear.  Are we heading in the right direction or are corporations simply giving us what we think we want without really changing a thing?

Doesn’t Whole Foods really wish I’d buy all of my groceries there, as opposed to what I can afford for meat that week? Doesn’t Publix stock some grassfed products now?  I’m making changes in my diet to bring me closer to the earth, to understand where my food comes from, to honor the food in front of me, yet, coorporations are so smart, they keep me satiated and keep me coming back to them.  I suppose it will end up like it did when I made and purchased organic baby food.  Eleven years ago, the only place you could find it was at a Whole Foods all the way in town, a forty minute drive away.  And I drove it…until the neighborhood Kroger near me started to carry it.

Perhaps my dreams of peddling to market in a cute little bike adorned with wicker baskets and a bunch of lavendar and sunflowers will be wiped out by my need for convenience and an unwillingness to truly change.  Good or bad?


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