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Women, Sleep, and God
August 13, 2010, 12:14 pm
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I slept til noon.  I did!  Wait, first, I was up til midnight consoling my grief stricken 11 yo after the death of his guniea pig, then my kindergartener got in bed with us at about 1.  At 3:30a.m. I packed fruit, bottled water and coffee for our 19yo cousin who has stayed with us for the summer while interning for her 14 hour driving journey back home.  A while to go back to sleep and then up at 6:15 to load bus load #1( my two elementary schoolers) , and back to wake, feed, organize and kiss bus load #2 (my middle schooler) to be off at 8:30. By this time, I’ve ususually shaken off or at least talked myself out of any lingering mental or physical fatigue but not so yesterday.

I’m going to listen to my body, I said to myself.  I’m on this new kick after having read Women Food and God where she talks about just this.  Eat when you’re hungry.  Sleep when you’re tired.  Feel your feelings when you’re not.  Yesterday, I was feeling wiped out.  I started for the couch but then said to myself, no, if I need to rest, I’m going to really rest so off to the bed I went.  As I lay my head on the pillow I listed all of the reasons Iwas so blasted tired just so I could keep myself from springing up and putting away the laundry.  I won’t bore anyone else but my list of what I’ve been doing’s was long and slightly on the Wonder Womanish side.

So, not only did I sleep solidly til noon, but I didn’t even keep my bargain with myself to get up and get things done for the weekend…friends for dinner, school projects, birthdays, christenings, catching up on work, etc…  I continued on from there with a cup of coffee and left over biscuits and gravy (Yes!  My body said.  I really am hungry!) and watched Real Housewives AND an episode of Bethany’s Getting Married before I washed my face to go pick up bus load #1.

And it’s a darn good thing I got some rest, because my children, the ones who have been hauled around on many of our adventures the last few weeks, the ones who also have to rise before the sun to catch the bus, and the ones who did not get to re-rack were sooooo friggin CRANKY!  I broke up numerous fights, intervened in several crying bouts/tantrums, weighed out the benefits of discipline vs understanding, allowed the weeknight playing of the Wii and then took it away.  It was CHAOS! Which, I was much better equipped at handling, having felt somewhat rested.

Alas!  All kids were in bed or in their rooms reading by 8pm.  And even Mommy and Daddy had lights out by 9:45.  Ready to tackle the backlogged world today.  Thank God!  Thank sleep!


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