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A Simple Man
August 11, 2010, 11:27 am
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“I can’t think of anything.” That’s what my then 8yo turn 9yo said when Grandma asked him what he wanted for his birthday.  He’s a simple guy.  He wears simple Tshirts.  He doesn’t get all flustered and dramatic.  He can delight in a rubber band.  He’s like his Dad, not like me who can fret over a rubber band for hours.  He loves good food, but his idea of a perfect birthday dinner is a cheese steak from Capozzi’s.  So, that’s how we celebrated his birthday yesterday.  His presents were laid out in colorful packages on the kitchen table.  He calmly unwrapped each…a science set, a model airplane, a launchable rocket ship, and a video game (which my oldest insisted his dear brother have; funny, it’s the same one he himself wants too).  No “big ticket” item.  No “if I don’t get what I asked for I’ll just wet my pants”.  Just a simple smiles, a few “cools”, thankyou’s, hugs, followed by cupcakes.  And when I tucked him in that night and asked him one of our routine questions for bedtime, “What made you happy today?” he answered, “The cheese steak.”  I love that simple little guy and I hope one day he finds someone who appreciates that fine quality in him too.  Happy ninth birthday, my sweet little dear.


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Made me all teary. 🙂

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