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Clean Sweep
March 3, 2010, 2:26 am
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I had the absolutely blessed experience to spend the equivalant of 2 1/2 days in Mexico with my oldest, dearest friend on our annual getaway.  She lives in northern California and I in the deep south and our annual pilgrimage is something I look forward to as well as look back on throughout the year for inspiration, redirection, introspection.

On the plane, I indulged in an O Magazine which, as many mags this time of year do, focused on cleaning and reorganization.  I read many of the articles but find myself thinking of one in particular, which I cannot remember the exact name of and am too lazy to go downstairs to find it and give credit to the author.  The article was basically about cleaning out your collection of “friends.”   And I think this is an inventory of which most of us can take stock.

I am here to tell you, there is nothing more motivating to clean out your social closet than a uninterupted visit with a true friend, one who listens and laughs, jabbers, compliments, challenges, accepts and knows the real you and STILL looks forward to your company.

So after my sweet reunion with my old friend, I stand confirmed in the good-byes I’ve said this year.  Good-bye Pink and Green lady next door who values nothing more than money and position.  Good-bye, Mrs. Diagnosis X with all of your random phone calls to me usually revolving around when I can next take care of your cats while you are away.  Good-bye to the mother-daugher relationship I’ve experienced for years and hello to one that allows me to be okay with being me.  I’m confirmed and overjoyed and know that I have enough in my life to sustain me without those binge friends, those leaky faucet kinds of women, those lone dust bunnies. 

Thank God I’ve got a friend who is like that classic cashmere sweater I’ve never owned.  Never goes out of style.  When she’s around me I feel like a million bucks.  I forget she’s there, sometimes, folded up neatly on a shelf but she’s always ready in a pinch.  I never stop loving her and she always fits, no matter how I change.

What kinds or Rayon-blend, stretched-out, sweater-ball kinds of friends are hanging around in your closet?  And how can you pitch them in the “donate” pile?


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