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EEEE! Mail
February 5, 2010, 2:23 pm
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I check my email once and day, maybe once or twice more on the days I work.  I don’t run around with a blackberry.  Mycomputer is not on  my kitchen desk blinking at me all day long.  I reserve a time and a place for this tool of communication that is supposed to connect us all and save us time.

So, why is it that my muscles tighten, my jaw clenches, and I start breathing quick, shallow breaths whenever I sit down to check my email?  I keep the phone next to me and open my organizer, a sharpened pencil close by.

The other day, I meditated after checking email and I was alarmed at how long it took me to come down after going through my 72 emails that morning.

Yesterday, same thing and let me tell you why…No need to read all…I don’t want to cause you any stress…

  • Teacher appreciation week for son #1…who can bring in lunch for Ms H?  No mayo.  No mustard.
  • I’ve got a pass for Women’s Workout World, want to join me for a yoga class next week?
  • Valentines party for son #2. Send in 17 valentines with candy, please, no chocolate or peanut butter.
  • Teacher appreciation week for son #2…who can bring in coffee for Ms K?  She likes a skinny latte with splenda.
  • Justin is collecting dog food cans for a school project to donate to Humane Society.  Please drop in the bin at my front door.
  • Bookclub rescheduled for the 3rd. Does that work for everyone?
  • Class basket raffle theme, “pool party”  Please send in items by 3/5.
  • Honey, could you send me your recipe for gumbo?  I want to make it for the Garretts on Sunday.  Love, Mom.
  • Are we still on for lunch today?
  • Son#3.  Send in a handmade card for Ms C’s birthday and one long-stemmed flower.
  • Teacher appreciation week son#2. Send in a flower for Mrs. K on Tuesday.
  • Flag football skills assessments rescheduled for Tues at 6:15 due to rain.
  • We have on date open for snack mom for religion class…
  • Teacher appreciation week son #1. Send in a flower for Mrs. H on Wednesday.
  • Supplies needed for Chinese New Year Party…paint brushed, black water color paint, egg rolls, kids chopsticks (the ones with the rubber bands), red yarn.
  • Work email. Need your monthly contact sheets by end of day today.
  • Our home renovation is complete!  Stop by on Tues for a peek and a Silpada jewlry show.
  • Thanks for the invite for brunch on Friday. What can I bring?
  • Can the kids come over Friday for a play date?
  • Evite for NAIPC meeting on Monday. 
  • Can you come a half an hour early to the NAIPC meeting on Monday, we need to touch base?
  • 19 valentines for son #3.  Can you make cookies?
  • Did you get your flight booked?  Email me your itinerary.
  • I can bring the paint brushes!
  • I can bring one dozen egg rolls.  Can someone bring another dozen?
  • We still need someone to send in kids chopsticks.
  • Have not recieved your invoice for January. Please submit.
  • You’ve been invited to join me on LINKEDIN…
  • Don’t forget Doughnuts with the one you love tomorrow at 9:15
  • Ms. H needs a box of raisins for a science experiment…
  • Have you recieved the check for the assessment?  Is the 23rd still a go?
  • I have attached the proposal….please read and let’s get together on…
  • If you have recieved this email, we have not yet recieved your child’s paperwork for first communion, please submit no later than Sunday.
  • Your course on FEb 12 has been cancelled due to lack of registrants.

This is no exaggeration.  And that’s not even the replies I sent back or the crazies who think they’ve got to “reply all” on every fart and fiddle thing.


I ain’t bringin’ the chopstix. 



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Love the end! Made me laugh out loud! Don’t forget all the Sales and Specials from Lands’ End and Black House/White Market. GAH.

DELETE, indeed.

Comment by el-e-e

LOL! That’s my future, huh? I was reading through and I was twitching to grab a pen and start a shopping list for all that baking… seriously, does it ever stop?

Comment by bessieviola

I did not check my emails all weekend. Rebel!

Comment by simpleminded suburbanite

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