the simple minded suburbanite

February 2, 2010, 8:21 pm
Filed under: authenticity, suburban

Ever felt that way?  Ever stuck your foot in your mouth or said a naughty word in front of someone you later find out is a nun?  Ever get loaded and grind on a chair to “Baby Got Back”  only to look up and see that everyone is staring, mouth agape, including your son’s kindergarten teacher?

Me?  Well, I may not have done those exact things (or maybe I have) but, simliar or worse.

I’m foolish.

I constantly crack jokes, make light.  I am a little cynical.  Though simple in many ways, absolutely “out” there in many others.

I think of this today because I ran into an acquaintance while picking up my son at preschool today.  Lovely woman.  So nice.  We chatted longer than we normally do.  Long enough for her to work in “putting God first” and “family values” and a few other references.  I immediately started searching my memory for times that I could have come off as off-color or sassy around her.

Then I stopped.

Why?  She obviously had no qualms about representing who she is in our conversation.  I respect that.  I believe whole heartedly in finding your own spirituality.  But, why, since I’ve moved to the south where many people wear religion on their sleeve, do I feel “less than”, not good enough, evil because I do not attend Baptist church every Sunday?  I feel a need to be upright, proper.  I want them to know that I can be a good girl too!  “Oh, yes!  I agree completely. Show me the way.”

Listen, this post is really not about religious choices or lifestyles, it really is about being yourself.  Letting your true nature shine through.  It’s about not apologizing or agonizing over the wrong word choice, the silly absent-mindedness, your quirks, your flaws, your down-right insanity.

There’s a reason for the court jester.  There’s a place for George Carlin and Thirty Rock.  Shakespear loved a fool.

And I do too.  I am learning to love the fool in me…no matter how foolish she can be.

And if you can’t laugh with me, I’ll laugh for you.

Any other fools out there?


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