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I Ran
January 28, 2010, 3:57 pm
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I’m liking this empty cup thing and am realizing the amazing wealth in stripping down my life and also keeping a center of gratitude that I have the opportunities to do so.

Today, I ran.  Anyone who knows me (probably the only people actually reading this blog) is no doubt falling over laughing.  Yes, this, this is a funny thing since, though I think I am down to earth, I have a bit of a princess quality to me (I was called “Queenie” in highschool by the younger girls on the cheerleading squad) and everything I love to do, outside of yoga, is sedentary, for example: reading, writing, art, eating, drinking, drinking, eating, and watching reality TV (I’ve sworn off HGTV, it makes me feel bad about my home and spurs me to start projects I have no business starting).

Yes, today, I ran.  I was up most of the night with my five-year-old who is going through a stage of doing this.  At around 2a.m., I fell into bed with him in the guest room to avoid waking up my two older sons and my husband. I woke to the sound of the alarm and the smell of dog shit.  (Our dear 14 year old doggie has taken to occasionally dropping a trail of turds.)  I put the boys on the bus and crawled back into bed with my 5yr old who, by the way, looks so angelic in the filtered morning light, unlike the demon child I exerienced last night.  It was great catching up on my rest but, it throws my day off when I don’t have that 2hour pull it together time in the morning.  So, I hurried him out the door to preschool and my mind scurried trying to determine what I REALLY needed to knock out today and fought the guilt I felt at having returned to bed when many do not have the luxury to do so.

But , as I pulled out of carpool, I got myself quite and started listening to what it was I really wanted.  My body craved movement, which is what starts happening when you actually start exercising again.  But the thought of the gym depressed me (plus I really was so stinking I was scared to be next to someone on the eliptical…it’s that mommy shower thing again), so I headed for the river, an oft forgotten gem in my community. 

It’s a cold, gorgeous sunny day today.  Brisk, is what I think people use to describe a day like today.  I walked a fast walk along the river gleaming in the morning sun.  I breathed deeply the chilly air and before I could talk myself out of it, I began to run!

Screech!  Hold on there.  Don’t get any crazy Chariots of Fire images going.  It was more like, I checked over my shoulder to make sure nobody was behind me.  I searched the path ahead of me to be sure it too was clear.  And I took my first stride, and then a second.  And that’s about it.  No, really, I lasted for maybe a half a mile before I stopped, mostly because I saw another runner coming toward me and I didn’t want them to critique my form and I was getting really winded.  I walked some and started up again a little later.

But I gotta tell ya. I surprised myself.

When’s the last time you surprised yourself?

The elation I felt at running those short little distances and the satisfaction that the woman I passed had a bigger ass than mine, was immeasureable.  As I sit here tying, I still feel that openness and joy.

Who knows if I’ll ever run again, but I hope that I continue to act on what pops into my mind.  Continue to go for it with no real agenda or goal.  Here’s to hitting one’s stride!

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That’s awesome. I love that feeling of surprising myself.

I have also sworn off HGTV. It spurred me into a bathroom remodel I had NO business starting because it looks so EASY on tv! Gah. That’s why I’ll be finishing drywall this weekend instead of something fun…

Comment by bessieviola

Somehow, the projects never get finished as quickly as they do in the half-hour show on TV! Good luck dry walling!

Comment by simpleminded suburbanite

Good for you! I “ran” on our “EA Active” wii fitness game today. I wasn’t wearing running shoes, and I didn’t go anywhere. Does that count?

Comment by Amy

It all counts!

Comment by simpleminded suburbanite

WTG running! Glad it felt good. I had those same feelings when I tried to take up running once, years ago.

Comment by el-e-e

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