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Now, If That Ain’t Fit Conversation….
January 27, 2010, 8:20 pm
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I’m such a loud mouth, opinionated, conversation dominating woman.  I annoy myself sometimes.  I just get passionate! I love people and debate and talking!  And I don’t know why, after 13 years, the ladies in my bookclub put up with me.  I’m sure I’ve pissed each of them off at some point.  I’m sure there are times they feel like rolling their eyes.  Still, they haven’t jumped ship and we still get together every 4-6 weeks for all of these years.

We started when I first moved to the south and knew no one.  I needed girl friends.  My husband and I lived in an apartment, the company he worked for was VERY corportate, and I headed up a rehab unit, so it was difficult to socialize outside of work with people that “reported” to me.  So I asked two social workers at the facility and one friend who had also moved down here from the north to read The Book of Ruth and meet at my apartment.  Bring friends!  I said. 

That first meeting was quite different from the meetings we hold now.  I spent hours on the food.  We sat in straight back kitchen chairs arranged in a semi-cirlce in my living room. We exhausted every last detail of the book. It was great, but a bit more structured and formal.  We decided to meet once a month.

Really, we didn’t have much more in common than a love of books.  Many of us were in different stages of our young lives ranging from happily single to newly married and advancing forward from there as time moved on.  But somehow, we clicked.  And after I started having babies and being buried in the chaos of staying at home, bookclub was my one shining evening to look forward to… no matter how hard it was to leave the house.

Last night, we met, and it is still a shining evening for me.  Apart from my household, my work, my neighborhood.  They know a different side of me than most do and I think I get an interesting slice of them.

“You going to actually talk about the book tonight?” my husband chided me as I put on my coat.

“We always do,” I say back.  And we did, but on my drive back home as I blarred Benny and the Jets (not normally a song I would blare) and my thoughts wove in and out reflecting on the conversation just had, I thought, Hmm what DID we talk about?  Well it goes a little like this…

Doctor A-Boob; househunting; kids who surprise you; boob biters; old dogs with Alzheimers disease (AKA:  dogs that look at you like they just love you sooo much); confirming with Granpa that he does not in fact have a vagina, but a penis; why perhaps it’s not such a good idea to call a 2yearold’s private area a vagina instead of her to-to or girly part, how ‘it’s scratchy’ morphs into calling it her ‘Itcatchy’; get a job; blow job casserole on Friday night;doing what you love; editor in cheif; Facebooking about the mundane; a bride with a flowing white gown and red heels; smoking parents; parents who hold the carrot; family finding their way; The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society; Red Room blog; men who don’t go out; and gee, it’s nearly ten o’clock.  It’s time to go.

We talk about politics, pop culture, religion, family.  Life and it’s messiness.  We’re a book club that doesn’t always talk about books.  But it’s fit conversation in my book.  And it never fails to lift me up.  Every time.


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Love you!! Was fun as always!

Comment by el-e-e

Aww, I’m so jealous of you girls! What an awesome gift, those friends and that time together.

Comment by bessieviola

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