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Something to Look Forward To
January 12, 2010, 8:49 pm
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Today, after checking email, after getting the kids off to school, after tidying up and catching up on work, I started planning my get weekend get-away with my oldest and dearest friend.

Funny, we’ve known each other since 5th grade, but didn’t really “hang out” until our first year of college.  She was a good student, a good girl, and went to a good school.  I didn’t apply myself, took a winding path, and went to an average school, at first.  Anyway, somehow, we kept in touch and, somehow, found our commonalities, and became great friends.  Although, we have not lived in the same state for nearly eighteen years.

We don’t talk on the phone much.  We don’t really write.  But there is a strange connection that keeps us bonded when others have fallen away.  We call each other in times of trouble and share our most desperate, joyful, and guilty thoughts and experiences when we get together…just once a year.

She’s a red-head.  I’m brunette. She likes simple clothes, little makeup, and flat shoes. I… well, let’s say, “RED”!  She married a man from abroad, I married a man from the first state.

But we both love art, books, and Barak Obama and I think we take each other back from where we came, in all the right places.  How many people do you or any of us have in our lives that know where we come from, the places we’ve been, who we were and what we want to become?

My husband always holds his breath and purses his lips every year at this time.  We can’t afford it.  It’s a flight.  It’s a hotel.  She lives on the west coast now.  We live in the south.  And every year I think of why I shouldn’t do it.  We can’t afford it.  It’s a flight.  It’s a hotel.  We need other things, like….and…and….and….  What does it matter, really?  There are always other things that are calling for our cash.

But every time we start planning, each one of us comes up with a reason why we can’t or shouldn’t and most years, with the exception of a few, the other talks the other into going.  And every time after I strike that key to lock in my airfare, I get this overwhelming elation.  This happiness.  This little dance I want to dance.

My husband and I don’t go out much.  We don’t really buy gifts.  There are no flowers or surprises and, I’m not complaining because we share many happinesses.  But sometimes, just sometimes, a girl really needs something to look forward to.

So, I’ll watch my grocery bill.  I won’t buy anything for the house.  I’ll skip the cappucinos and the new boots and stretch getting my hair colored, more than I usually do.  Because, in all of this craziness, I just want something to look forward to.


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