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Pretty Damn Good
January 5, 2010, 5:11 pm
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I love this time of year.  It’s fresh.  It’s optimistic.  It’s renewing.  The Christmas decorations are down, or I’ll pretend that’s true for the sake of clean imagery, and I’ve started my new Franklin/Covey planner.

For the last month, I’ve been scribbling notes and appointments in the little boxes for 2010.  I don’t like to begin my new, a-page-a-day inserts until I have time to breath once the kids have gone back to school.  Then, today, I take the time to pull out the old pages and replace them with clean, white sheets with neat, little grids waiting to be penciled on. (Each year I vow to only write in pencil, but, like most new year’s vows, that quickly goes to the way-side and smudges and cross-outs win out.)

I read over my goals and aspirtations that I set this time last year and I remind myself where I’ve been.  How have I spent the last year?  What have I accomplished?  How has my focus changed?

I sometimes get caught up in what I haven’t done with my life, especially when I get together with a particular career-minded friend, but when I look back over last year’s pages, I think, “Pretty damn good.”  Not to sound braggy, because there has yet to be a year that I have acheived every goal and there have been plenty of goals untouched, like “Lose fifteen punds” which should be changed to “Lose twenty pounds” but I am happy to remain in denial.

For example, we did not come close to landscaping the yard nor did we make it to Prague before it went on the Euro, despite my October ditch effort to register for every imaginable program that may earn us Skymiles.  I didn’t get a book published and I started strong but clearly bombed in increasing my time spent in yoga.

What I did accomplish; however, was I got three articles published, I started a blog, I completed and sent out a childrens’ book, I recommitted to my spiritual growth, I slowed down and spent more quality time with my kids, I continued to strengthen my marriage, and I got some long-standing grudges off my chest.  I stepped up my professional game at work, I deepened the meaningful friendships I value.  I said “no”, even though it pained me.

So, this time of year, I reset my gauges for the new year.  I rethink who I am and who I want to be.  I give thanks for all I have, especially my beautiful, blossoming boys, and just as importantly I make sure to tell myself, “Pretty damn good!”

Screw the back yard, but Prague, you’re still on my radar!!!!


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So, I just read entirely through your archives, and I’m hooked. Love your writing and will definitely be back for more!

I love finding other people who enjoy their planners as much as I do mine. Those fresh white pages are just meant to be treated with a kind of reverence, aren’t they?

Comment by bessieviola

Thanks for the compliment! Yes, I still love my paper planner. I know we are in a Blackberry world, but I’m still hanging on. Something about pen, or pencil!, to paper…

Comment by simpleminded suburbanite

love this fresh and fun piece! wish i was a dedicated franklin covey girl, but the truth is i just buy those refills and they sit blank most of the year. if i don’t plan my planning time, hat refill becomes a pretty expense stack of scrap paper at year’s end!

keep writing, it makes me smile.

Comment by Gina

You know what Mr. Covey says…”Big rocks first, small rocks, sand, then water…” You fit more in the jar that way. Wishing you a year filled with big rocks!

Comment by simpleminded suburbanite

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